Cheap Calls to Saudi Arabia

Many workers from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan travel to Saudi Arabia to seek employment. Over 1 million Indians work in Saudi Arabia where they make up the largest percentage of foreign workers in the country. They work long, hard hours to make money but the situation is not easy for the families they left behind. Long-distance phone calls are very expensive and their families can rarely afford to make calls to Saudi Arabia…until now. Telos now offers a way to make cheap calls to Saudi Arabia.

Download the free Telos app
To help families keep in touch, Telos has created a smartphone app that can be downloaded for free on iPhones and Android smartphones. The best part about the free Telos app is that families no longer need to spend their hard-earned money making international calls. With help from our sponsors, Telos users can earn free credits that they can use to make free calls and texts to any landline or mobile in the world.

Free calls when both parties use Telos
If both parties use the Telos app, calls and texts don’t even require credits.  They’re completely free! Calls are made through a WiFi connection or through the 3G/4G network on the phone and the call quality is excellent—often better than the quality from cell phone signals. 

Telos voicemail
If your family member isn’t available to take your call, you can leave a voice message for them on Telos and they will be able to hear your message later. The economic realities of today’s world make it necessary for families to be separated, but that doesn’t mean you can stay in touch. Let Telos help you keep connected with free calls and texts.