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Number Port Out and Backup Added on Telos Free Call App iOS 1.0.2

August 12, 2016 by The Telos Team

San Jose, California, June, 2016 – The latest version of Telos for iOS includes improved functions to make communications even easier. In addition to new features such as reduced size, number port out, cloud backup, this update even allows users to talk longer and spend less with Telos free call app.

Number Port Out and Cloud Backup Enabled on Telos free call app iOS 1.0.2 

Cut the Size of Telos by Almost Half

Upset about running out of space in your phone? Telos goes extra miles to cut the Telos size from 103M to 63.6M, which is an impressive enhancement. This adjustment surely save a lot space and boost user experience greatly.

Port Telos numbers to other carriers

Telos free call app phone numbers can now be ported out to mobile phone operators such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-mobile. Users just need to enter required information for number port out from within Telos free call app and then go to the mobile phone operators to submit the number port out request. Telos and the mobile service provider will work together to have the Telos number transferred into the user’s SIM card.

Back up chat history, pictures and more on Cloud

With brand-new Telos cloud backup, users with multiple devices will never worry about missing conversation log or files. By enabling the backup option, data including contacts, picture, voice messages and chat log will get automatically restored.

Other new functions in this release include:

Use Telos Number for log-in: Users that have a private Telos number can use that as their login ID instead of their mobile phone number.

New “Connect” screen: Users can quickly press on the “Connect” screen to easily access often used functions such as Walkie-Talkie, Call Recordings and Conference Call.

Fax function optimization: We add some color to fax feature by enabling a cover page and signature. Users now can add a cover page and signature when sending fax; these are the small gestures that make differences.

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of Telos for iPhone and iPad, you can get the update from the iTunes App Store. To get the latest news and tips, find us on Facebook and Twitter. We are always happy to hear from you!

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