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Find a good job abroad with a Telos phone number

Find a good job abroad with a Telos phone number

March 09, 2017 by The Telos Team

Like many others who leave their homes to find work in other country, Felipe Santos da Rocha, a loyal Telos user from Brazil, will go to Canada in January for a brighter career. Knowing the necessity of a local phone number for working abroad, he got a Canadian phone number on Telos within a few clicks. “I am doing some interviews in Canada, so I used my Telos number as a second line to receive calls from Canadian companies call me”. 

Having a contact number locally before even arriving is really a big benefit.
No need to change your SIM card, no hassle of signing up contract with the phone company. A Telos phone number is just a few clicks away! A local phone number on your resume is a big plus when applying for a job abroad. For example, if you are applying for a job in California, a good phone number starting with 424 will leave a deep impression.

Telos is good for a business phone number

Telos is good for a business phone number

February 17, 2017 by The Telos Team

Mike, a self-employed businessman, lives in India and aims his market in the United States and Canada. He gets lots of business calls every day. In order to keep his business calls and personal calls separate, he got a US phone number on Telos. 

At first, he set up call forwarding to his personal number and just used the Telos number as a second line. To his surprise, Telos provides unlimited calling and texting to the USA and Canada at a low price. He has subscribed the plan and used Telos to call back to his customers in these two countries, which saves him a lot of money. Most importantly, a business phone number with an area code in the location of his customers gives him an immediate virtual presence in new markets and helps him build trust with audience. It is also easy to remember and reach by customers and gives him a neighborly feel. 

“Thanks to Telos, it makes my work and personal life much easier. Moreover, it has brought me more customers and raised my business to a higher level. It works perfectly and has almost become an indispensable business tool for me.”