How can I get more credits?

1.When you download an offer app, don’t only look at how many credits you can possibly win but also notice its position on the list. The higher the position on the offer list, the easier the tasks are to complete and the greater your chances of winning Telos credits. These rankings were not randomly derived. They were calculated by Telos through advanced data analysis.

*Important Notice: You may receive offers like: "Earn 30.0 free credits for installing this promoted app: XXXXXX. Star Now!"  Don’t think these are just pieces of junk advertising. These are the easiest offers currently detected by the system. Go and win the credits immediately! Offers like these don't last long.

2.After you have finished the task and received your Telos credits, you can leave the app on your phone if you like it. If you don’t like it, feel free to remove it.

3.Some sponsors, such as Tapjoy, often have promotions during holidays. For example, "Earn double the normal amount of credits during the X holiday." Don’t miss these lucky opportunities!