How to send an SMS with Telos text free App

How to send an SMS with Telos?

Need to send a free SMS? Open Telos Messages and tap the “Edit Pen” on the upper right corner to start an SMS. There are 2 kinds of Telos messages:
Free messages within Telos text free app: Free messages refer to the unlimited chatting you can do between Telos users.
Mobile SMS: Select “SMS” and directly enter the phone number or contact name to send the SMS or select from the list of contacts.

What is the difference between Telos Group SMS and Broadcast SMS?

With Group SMS, you create a chat group and any member can reach all members of the group. With Broadcast SMS, you send an SMS to many recipients and they can only reply to you.

Can’t send an SMS? Please check the following points:

1. When using Telos to send an international SMS, remember to add the country code before the mobile number. For example, add “+91” before Indian numbers.
2. If you can’t access your contacts, you can go to your phone’s “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Contacts” and check that you have enabled Telos to access your contacts. This is to make sending an SMS more convenient and Telos will not invade on your privacy.
3. Due to regulatory reasons, you must have a Telos phone number to send SMS to recipients in U.S. and Canada.

How to send free SMS to U.S. and Canada?

1. Telos users with a U.S. or Canada mobile number linked with Telos can enjoy 30 free SMSs every day, the costs of the SMS will be covered by advertising. P.S. If you turn off the ads, then you will start paying for the SMSs. 2. Did you hide the ads by accident? Then you just have to wait one week for the “Enable Free Texting” button to reappear in the menu on the upper right corner of the SMS screen. Tap the button and you will start enjoying free SMSs again.

Can I send SMS on iPads, iPods and tablets?

Of course! If you have a Telos phone number then you can send and receive SMSs, even on iPads, iPods and tablets. If you don’t have a Telos number then you can only send but cannot receive SMS.

How much does it cost to send and receive SMS?

1. Your specific cost for sending and receiving SMS can be found by tapping on “More” -> “Call Rates” then choose the desired country code to display the rate.
2. Non-Telos users sending and receiving SMS from a Telos user will be charged the rates of their local carrier. Telos users will also need to pay a small amount of Telos credits to receive the SMS. 【Note】The amount of Telos credits needed to receive SMS is usually less than the amount needed for sending SMS.

Is there a price plan?

If you regularly send and receive SMS, especially international SMS, it is worth it to get an annual SMS plan: 6000 SMS for 600 Telos credits (including international SMS). Open Telos app, enter the “SMS” screen, choose a contact, open the menu on the upper right corner and then you will be able to Purchase Unlimited Text Plan.

Sending MMS with pictures, videos, location, etc. are the same cost as a text-only SMS

Not only can you send a text-only SMS with Telos, but you can also send MMS with pictures, videos, location, voice message, etc. If you have an iPhone then you can also send doodles. Telos MMS will be sent as a link and the cost is the same as sending a text-only SMS.
When your friend receives your link, they can choose to download when they are on WiFi. This allows both parties to save costs and data usage when sending and receiving MMSs.

Can Telos send very long SMS?

SMS sent by Telos cannot exceed 140 characters, including letters, spaces and punctuation marks. One Chinese word is equivalent to 2 characters. If you send a message that is over 140 characters, Telos will automatically split the message into 140 character size for sending. However, your long SMS cannot be over 900 characters. After you have typed 900 characters, any additional characters will not be sent.